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Sometimes a drunk driving accident occurs because a third party — a bar or restaurant owner — serves alcohol to either an underage person or someone who is visibly intoxicated or impaired. When a tavern, bar or restaurant does this, the owner can be held responsible for injuries that occur. These types of claims for personal injuries are usually covered by insurance.

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This responsibility to serve alcohol responsibly is called tavern liability, as described in the Missouri dram shop laws. Tavern liability is an important option for victims, particularly when the victim has insufficient insurance to cover a serious or fatal injury. Tavern liability is never an easy case to make, but our lawyers have had success bringing bars, taverns, and restaurants to justice for their part in causing injury.

At Adler & Manson, we file claims against any party whose negligence, under the terms of the law, led to the death or injury of another. Depending on the circumstance of the case, this could include a hospitality establishment, the drunk driver who struck you and/or other parties.

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