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By virtue of their size and lack of safety features, motorcycle riders are at risk of serious injuries, including brain injuries, or even death, if they are struck by another vehicle. Put simply, a motorcycle will lose the battle against a car or truck, and the rider is the one who typically pays the price.

When you choose our Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyers, we will get to work immediately to investigate all aspects of the accident to properly determine liability. We can work with insurance companies and medical professionals to ensure your injuries are properly documented, and fairly compensated. With more than 70 years of collective experience, you can trust that we know the most effective ways to recover on your behalf.

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Serious Repercussions of Bike Crash Injuries

The psychological problems that accompany severe brain damage are profound. Caring for the victims of cycling accidents is an ongoing responsibility that can drain a family financially and emotionally. Many motorcycle accident victims require brain surgery and other surgeries. Many others either slip into comas or are put into comas until the swelling in their head subsides.

Some motorcycle crash victims recover fully. Others recover partially and are unable to work in the same jobs. Victims may experience memory loss, diminished motor skills, and damage to sight, speech, and cognition. This is why Adler & Manson seeks the maximum compensation for brain-injured motorcyclists, both past and future — because the cyclist victim’s need for care and patience is so great.

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Wrongful Death Claims

When a family member is the victim of a fatal accident due to the negligence of another, you may wish to consider filing a wrongful death claim. At Adler & Manson, our attorneys represent surviving family members who request compensation for the loss of a spouse, parent, sibling, or child.

Wrongful death law is complex, and there are differences in Missouri and in Kansas. But both states allow claims to be filed by the spouse or children (or surviving descendants of any children who have died), or the father or mother of the deceased person.

Family members may be financially compensated for a wide spectrum of damages:

  • Lost Income
  • Cost of Medical Care
  • Cost of Medical Procedures Prior to Death
  • Other Damages Associated with the Loss of a Parent, Sibling or Child
  • Funeral Expenses

In cases where the death was the result of egregious, reckless behavior, we may ask for punitive damages on top of the usual damages. Juries do not look favorably upon individuals whose drunk driving or otherwise irresponsible behavior behind the wheel leads to loss of life.

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Our Kansas City motorcycle accident attorneys know the devastating impact an accident can have on the lives of not only the injured party, but their family as well. We seek maximum compensation on behalf of our clients, because we are truly dedicated to helping them get back on their feet and move forward after an accident. Call our firm today to learn how we can help you.

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