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Scaffolding is one way workers gain access to the outside of buildings, vaulted atriums, and other structures under construction or repair. While essential to maintaining our infrastructure, they are vulnerable to collapse, sometimes causing people to fall many stories to catastrophic injury or even death. Scaffolding collapses are a leading cause of catastrophic injury to construction workers.

If you have been involved in a scaffolding collapse, you want to know what your rights are. At Adler & Manson of Kansas City, we represent people injured in every sort of construction accident, including conventional, putlog and pump-jack scaffolding collapses. We also represent workers seriously injured in conventional falls from aerial lifts, catwalks, elevated platforms, ladders, poles, cherry pickers, and rooftops, and for injuries caused by falling structures and equipment.

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Representing Individuals Injured While Doing Construction Work

The causes for scaffolding collapses include improper construction, pipes, connections in poor working order, and insufficient anchoring. Lanyards, snap hooks, lifelines and body harnesses can all fail. Workers should never be asked to work from a platform that will not adequately support them. A common outcome is for numerous workers to be killed or severely injured in seconds.

We seek maximum compensation under Missouri and Kansas workers’ compensation rules so that you can cope with the changes forced upon you by this accident: medical costs, time away from work, rehabilitation, and retraining. When applicable, we go beyond workers’ compensation claims and file third-party claims, which have broader recovery parameters than workers’ comp—a higher settlement for you.

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