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After an on-the-job injury, medical expenses and a lost wage benefit are paid by the employer’s workers’ compensation carrier. The carrier may also pay permanent partial disability benefits when the injury is determined to be irreparable and of indeterminate duration and the worker can perform other gainful work activities.

At Adler & Manson, our lawyers advocate on behalf of injured workers to ensure they are paid the amount of permanent partial disability benefits they deserve. Our attorneys will carefully review the documentation to arrive at the rating you were given. If it is insufficient, we will work with medical experts to gather relevant information and seek to increase your disability rating.

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How Permanent Partial Disabilities Are Determined

A number of benefits you receive is directly tied to the permanency of your injury and the degree to which you are unable to work. The workers’ compensation insurer will often have the treating doctor evaluate the severity of your injury and determine a disability rating. This doctor will determine whether the injury is permanent and whether it will affect your ability to work, as well as the effect it will have on activities of daily living. We will do the same. The ratings can be drastically different.

The disability rating will determine the amount of wage loss benefits you will receive for the rest of your working life. Multiplied over many years, even a small increase in your disability rating can make a huge difference in the total benefits you receive over the life of your workers’ compensation claim.

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