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One reason a workplace can be dangerous is falling objects. Whether you work on a construction site, in a warehouse or at a factory, things that are safe and in their proper place can easily get out of place and become unsafe and then cause injuries.

At Adler & Manson, we seek maximum compensation for our clients under Missouri and Kansas workers’ compensation rules, including medical costs, time away from the job, rehabilitation and retraining for your career. When applicable, we go beyond workers’ compensation claims and file third-party claims, which have broader recovery parameters than workers’ comp — a higher settlement for you.

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More Common than You Realize

While most of us don’t have to worry about falling objects at our jobs, those who work in construction, manufacturing, and similar, machinery-oriented industries do. Even when workers wear helmets, these accidents pose a serious risk to workers.

Typical examples of falling object accidents include:

  • Hammers and other tools are dropped
  • Freight and equipment falls from the back of trucks
  • Lumber, drywall, or glass tips over or is blown by the wind
  • Scaffolding and cranes topple and fall
  • Merchandise tumbles from overhead shelves
  • Ceiling-mounted fixtures break loose
  • Power lines are downed by storms
  • Pulleys, winches, and cables sail into people
  • Dangerous chemicals are spilled or vented
  • Safety equipment fails


Catastrophic & Fatal Injuries

When accidents are fatal, we seek compensation for the wrongful death of the one you love. Additionally, we are well-versed in mounting claims that have left workers with the lasting effects of a catastrophic injury.

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