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Missouri workers’ comp benefits can be significantly different from benefits available in Kansas, but you will benefit from an attorney who knows the intricacies of both systems. At Adler & Manson, our attorneys work in both state systems to deliver the best possible outcomes for all our clients. We are committed to communicating with you so you are always “in the loop” on the status of your case and ensuring that every step of the process is assuredly navigated by an experienced workers’ comp advocate on your behalf.

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What Happens in a Missouri Workers’ Compensation Case?

A workers’ compensation claim in Missouri is not a lawsuit. There is no judge, and there is no jury. It is an administrative claim by design, a program established by state statute to resolve claims for injuries that happened while at work.

Most cases settle, but if there is a workers’ compensation hearing, you appear before an administrative law judge (ALJ) who hears your case. You present evidence from your physicians indicating the nature of your injury. You are questioned by the lawyers of your employer’s insurance company.

In this hearing, you are allowed to have a lawyer represent you and present evidence in support of your position that he or she has been working up and preparing for many months. The other side most likely has an attorney with years of experience who has been in front of the workers’ comp commissioner on countless occasions. It makes sense for you to have an experienced lawyer representing you. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will skillfully represent you, help obtain medical treatment and wages that you have been denied, and maximize compensation for your injuries.

“What will my benefits cover?”

Workers’ comp claimants are always understandably curious as to what costs their benefits might cover. The truth of the matter is this depends on what kind so benefits you initially file for.

There are four kinds of benefits to file for:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Temporary total disability benefits (TTD) apply when you are not yet able to return to your job. In the meantime, you are paid a percentage of your gross weekly pay.
  • Permanent disability benefits apply when your work disability is considered permanent. There are two categories, permanent partial disability (PPD) and permanent total disability (PTD). PPD is given when you are able to work, but not at the same level. PTD is given when you are no longer able to work at all.
  • Future medical expenses.

Workers’ compensation laws also offer death benefits to family members of workers who lose their lives on the job. Have more questions about the Missouri workers’ compensation process or your legal options? The answers and counsel you need are just a phone call away.

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