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Dangerous Medications

When it comes to taking a prescription drug, one of the most important words is trust. You should be able to trust that the medicine you are taking will help you, not hurt you. As a patient, you rely on pharmaceutical companies to manufacture drugs correctly. When manufacturers do not live up to their responsibilities, trust is broken and patients are severely injured.

Drug injury and drug recall cases are highly complex, requiring the attention of law firms that have the resources and skills needed to unravel complicated facts and legal principles. With nearly 70 combined years of experience, Adler & Manson has that ability. We routinely collaborate with other area law firms in order to bring our resources together to build strong cases. If your case falls into a particular category, we can refer you to an attorney with extensive experience handling claims similar to yours.

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Handling a Broad Range of Pharmaceutical Litigation

We strive to hold the manufacturer responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, and any pain and suffering that were a result of your illness or injury. Our lawyers have worked diligently to build a network of medical professionals and legal professionals to assist in drug recall, dangerous drugs, and injury claims. We regularly call upon these individuals for their expertise and insight into these very specific and potentially complex cases. Our clients trust us to take every step necessary to properly determine liability, and work toward recovering the full and fair monetary compensation they are owed.

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Side Effects of Defective Drugs

The classic drug injury is a predictable negative side effect (adverse drug event or ADE) that the patient is not warned against. Drug companies guard against this by including every possible reaction or contraindication on product labeling. With a physician or other provider to guide them, patients can evaluate the risks and benefits of taking a medication. The danger sometimes is that drug companies protect themselves by issuing very long lists that simply confuse patients. You have seen these long lists in small print, or heard them rattled off quickly on TV ads.

But there are many types of drug injuries beyond ADEs, including:

  • Dangerous drug interactions — Two drugs may be perfectly safe to take individually, but in combination with one another cause great harm.
  • Confusion over drug names — The FDA says that about 10 percent of all medication errors reported result from drug name confusion. Many drugs sound like one another. Clozapine instead of Olanzapine. Flomax instead of Volmax. Serzone instead of Seroquel. Imagine the frustration of taking the wrong medicine because the drug name sounds like another drug name.
  • Poor communication — Electronic record-keeping is putting an end to the problem of illegible physician handwriting. But communication errors still occur in prescriptions — 100 mg becomes 1,000 mg — and these errors can cost people their lives.
  • Allergic reactions to drugs — It is possible to have an allergic reaction to a medicine the fifth time you take it, but not the first four times. It can take that long for the cumulative exposure to the drug to cause a reaction.

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The list of dangerous and defective drugs grows longer every day, along with the number of people who have been sickened, disabled and killed. In a large number of cases, pharmaceutical companies are in such a hurry to bring products to market that they either fail to adequately test their drug or they ignore their own research findings. It is shocking that some makers purposely cover up their product’s serious side effects in order to gain government approval.

This is one reason firms like Adler & Manson exist. When drug companies withhold information about their products or do not adequately test their drug, an aggressive personal injury lawyer is your only recourse for compensation. When you choose our firm, you can trust that your case is in the hands of an attorney who truly cares about pursuing justice on your behalf.

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