One type of accident that many people don’t consider when they hear the word “crash” or “collision” is a boating accident. These are far more rare than your typical motor vehicle accident, but they pose just as serious of a threat to the people involved as any other collision between motor vehicles.

When a boating accident occurs, there are a few immediate risks. First of all, there usually aren’t seatbelts or any safety harnesses of any kind on boats. So a collision can cause the people on board to be flung, at high speeds, into some dangerous objects. At the same time, they could be flung off the boat, a huge risk in its own right. There’s also the possibility that a fire or explosion is caused by colliding boats, which could cause catastrophic or fatal injuries to those on board.

Another element with boating is that, sometimes, the operator of the vessel may be intoxicated. Boating under the influence cases are uncommon, but they do happen. And an intoxicated boat operator can, and should, be held liable for the accident that he or she causes.

Anyone who does not respect the water can truly cause some very unfortunate incidents, and when these incidents occur, the victim (or victims) need to act. If you give us at Adler & Manson the chance to represent you with your boating accident case, will will do everything we can to help you achieve the legal result you desire. Nothing is a given, but we will do what we can to help you earn a positive result in your lawsuit.

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