KCTV 5 Reports on A&M Case

This week Kansas City television station KCTV 5 aired an update on one of our cases, in which our client suffered a stroke immediately following a chiropractic neck manipulation. His treating neurologist and a leading chiropractic expert blames the neck manipulation. Watch the clip here. Adler & Manson currently represents Kansas and Missouri clients who suffered strokes caused by a chiropractic … Read more

Winter Weather Hazards: On the Road

Winter in Missouri and Kansas brings a number of hazards that we need not think about the rest of the year. Hitting the road during freezing temperatures is among the most dangerous aspects of winter weather. Before you head out, be sure your vehicle is ready for the cold. Under the hood, you should have … Read more

Chiropractic Care and Strokes

A young, healthy Kansas City-area man went in for chiropractic care earlier this year and left in an ambulance. He suffered a stroke after a neck manipulation. A 34 year-old model suffered a pinched nerve during a photo shoot and went to her chiropractor for relief. The neck adjustment allegedly tore her vertebral artery, causing … Read more

Missouri Gives Insurers Another Advantage

In another encroachment on plaintiff’s rights and a boon to insurance companies, a new version of Missouri House Bill 339, signed by Gov. Greitens in July, goes into effect Aug. 28. This bill gives insurance companies additional rights in cases they declined to defend or provide coverage on. When an insurer refuses to defend their … Read more

New Missouri Law Impacts Your Rights

When we represent an injured person, we compile a detailed accounting of the medical bills they incurred as a result of their accident. The total dollar amount of these medical bills plays a role in determining a fair value of the claim. Missouri Senate Bill 31, recently signed by Gov. Eric Greitens, alters this calculation—to … Read more

Semi-Truck Accidents on the Rise

The summer of 2017 has been a dangerous season on Kansas City highways. A spate of fiery crashes involving semi-trucks have taken innocent lives and left others with serious injuries. Sadly, these large truck crashes are on the rise across the nation. According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more … Read more


Last Friday, Apple filed a 100-page lawsuit against Qualcomm, a global mobile chip supplier that pits the iPhone makers against one of its most important suppliers. The complaint alleges that Qualcomm is demanding royalties for technology it has nothing to do with—namely Apple’s fingerprint reader and high-capacity storage technology. Apple accuses Qualcomm of abusing its … Read more


FOX News recently reported on the story of a UK pediatrician who has filed a malpractice suit against her doctors after experiencing post-surgical paralysis. The case demonstrates that even other doctors recognize when their peers have made an error, they should be held accountable for their negligence. As FOX News reports, 69-year-old Diana Birch lost a kidney … Read more