Winter Weather Hazards: On the Road

Winter in Missouri and Kansas brings a number of hazards that we need not think about the rest of the year. Hitting the road during freezing temperatures is among the most dangerous aspects of winter weather.

Before you head out, be sure your vehicle is ready for the cold. Under the hood, you should have fresh antifreeze, a reliable battery and oil designed for cold weather.

Externally, keep an eye on tires, which can deflate in extreme temperatures. Be sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid and windshield wipers that are in good working order so you can maintain a clear view of the road.

Be sure you are equipped to handle a problem should it occur. From a flashlight, blankets and a small shovel to bottled water and snacks, taking a few minutes to prepare for being stranded can help protect your family. And of course, keep your mobile phone charged and your gas tank at least half full!

The Missouri Department of Transportation is an excellent source for winter driving tips.

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