We are less concerned with the circumstances of the motorcycle accident in our source article than we are with the camera that was attached to one of the motorcyclists during the actual wreck. This isn’t to say we don’t care about the circumstances of the wreck. Obviously they are important. But the use of a video camera is a major factor in this wreck, and it serves as an important lesson for anyone who takes to the streets on a motorcycle.

A man on a motorcycle was riding on a highway with a GoPro camera attached to him. As he was riding down the road, another motorcycle suddenly approached him in his lane of traffic. It had crossed over the center line and threatened to crash into him head-first. While they were able to avoid a head-on crash, the man with the camera went tumbling after his vehicle swerved into some dirt on the side of the road as he successfully avoided the negligent motorcyclist.

A search is underway for the unsafe motorcyclist who threatened the life of the man with the camera attached while he was riding.

The use of the camera is not only a very smart decision by the motorcyclist, but it should be a practice that every motorcyclist adopts. Clear evidence isn’t always easy to come by. Video evidence, though, could clearly show what happened during a motorcycle accident, offering the victim (or victims) in a motorcycle wreck to show a civil court that he or she deserves damages or compensation for the injuries he or she suffered at the hands of a negligent driver.

Source: ABC 7, “Man captures terrifying motorcycle crash on GoPro camera mounted to helmet,” Elex Michaelson, April 22, 2015

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