The last time we wrote about truck accidents was about six weeks ago, and we tackled the subject of truck cargo. The cargo of any truck can play a huge role in the ability of the truck driver to control the vehicle and, thus, the cargo can be an integral factor in an accident, should one happen. If the cargo is balanced or if it shifts during transport, serious accidents can occur.

With that in mind, consider an accident that claimed the life of a man from Kansas. The man was driving a truck when another vehicle turned in front of his truck. This caused the man to brake sharply, and that caused the cargo in his truck to shift. This resulted in the unfortunate fatal accident that claimed the truck driver’s life.

To be fair, in this case it seems pretty clear that the cargo shifted as a result of the other vehicle cutting off the cargo-carrying truck. This story has less to do with the cargo directly causing the crash, and more to do with another driver potentially driving recklessly.

However, the fact that the source article pointed out the cargo is important in its own right. It is something anyone would notice, because big, heavy pieces of cargo can dramatically shift a vehicle or cause it to become uncontrollable. If you are unfortunately involved in a truck accident, the cargo of that truck is a massive factor in the crash, and you need to consider its role when you are filing legal action against any liable parties.

Source: Salina Post, “Kansas man dies in truck accident,” Feb. 18, 2015

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