FOX News recently reported on the story of a UK pediatrician who has filed a malpractice suit against her doctors after experiencing post-surgical paralysis. The case demonstrates that even other doctors recognize when their peers have made an error, they should be held accountable for their negligence.

As FOX News reports, 69-year-old Diana Birch lost a kidney and must now use walking sticks to walk following her rectal surgery. She has filed suit against Britain’s National Health Services, which provided the surgery and ultimately can hold the doctor’s responsible accountable.

“Diana went to the hospital for corrective surgery and left with a life-changing injury from which she will never recover,” Birch’s lawyer told The Mirror. “As a result of her injury, her mobility has been significantly diminished and she had to sell her home as she could no longer cope with the stairs. She has been unable to return to work as director of a charity and as an expert witness in child abuse cases.”

“This Has Changed My Life Completely”

It’s been three years since the surgery and Birch, who counted travel, charity work, dancing, and judo among her hobbies, told the UK press that she is still is coming to grips with what has happened to her. “This has changed my life completely,” she told The Mirror, “and three years later I am still trying to come to terms with what has happened to me and what could have been done to prevent it or correct it before it was too late.”

Fortunately, it looks like the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust has little grounds to stand on to dispute Birch’s claims. An investigation into her procedure found that surgeons had done accidental damage to her femoral nerve after they entered the wrong part of her body. The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust has already provided Birch some compensation for rehabilitation, but her new suit seeks damages that will address future treatment and expenses.

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