In a truly tragic accident, a person who was near a freeway was struck and killed after another vehicle apparently went off-roading near the highway and struck the 19-year-old. The young man was killed and the vehicle drove off without a trace. The police are now asking for help in identifying the vehicle and the person responsible for this unfortunate and sad incident.

Hit-and-run accidents are so infuriating in so many ways. First of all, in many cases the driver who strikes someone or another vehicle and then flees the scene is likely doing something (or did something) illegal. This isn’t always the case, but it does happen a lot. But of course fleeing the scene does nothing to help these people out of their situation. In fact, fleeing the scene just adds another criminal act to their resume.

The other element that is so upsetting in these wrecks is that by cowardly running away, the driver is depriving the person they struck the chance to receive vital care. Even if the driver who causes an accident has no medical experience and doesn’t know what to do for an injured person, that individual can still call 911 and do everything they can that a professional tells them to do in order to try to help the injured party.

When a hit-and-run driver is involved in an accident, it may take some time for the victim and his or her loved ones to achieve justice. Hit-and-run drivers aren’t always caught, but they usually are. When they are caught, they will likely face civil suits in addition to the criminal case filed against them.

Source: FOX4KC.com, “Police identify 19-year-old killed in hit-and-run accident on I-35,” Molly Balkenbush and Kasey Babbit, Jan. 25, 2015

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