Federal marshals apprehended a motorist in Kansas City, Missouri, who was a high priority suspect wanted in connection with a fatal car incident that took the lives of two people. They tracked the hit and run driver to a hotel, but when they approached him, he desperately fled into some woods. In response, they unleashed a dragnet search, bringing in over 40 law enforcement officers, an airborne unit and dog teams to ferret him out. He was captured and jailed.

The incident occurred on New Year’s Day. It was far worse, according to officers, than an “accident.” The 28-year-old driver was on foot, physically assaulting a 48-year-old woman. A passing 32-year-old good Samaritan attempted to intervene to stop the assault. The motorist allegedly also turned on him before jumping into the 48-year-old’s car and deliberately using it to run over him, the good Samaritan, and the good Samaritan’s girlfriend. The first two victims were killed, and the girlfriend was badly injured and is still in the hospital being treated.

After running over the three people, the driver fled the scene, and later went to Kansas City on a bus. He was later joined there by his own girlfriend, according to officers and she herself was also arrested and is facing serious charges of failing to obey police orders and fleeing. The driver has been accused of two counts of first degree murder, and additional charges may very well follow based on the woman he ran over with the car.

In such cases, criminal sanctions are often justly accompanied by civil lawsuits for wrongful death and personal injury to compensate the victims and their families. Such lawsuits can seek to recover medical and funeral expenses, damages for pain and suffering, and lost income and support. Such lawsuits also send a powerful message which hopefully can help to deter others from engaging in similar conduct.

Source: Arizona Daily Star, “Tucson suspect in hit-run deaths caught outside Kansas City hotel” Kimberly Matas, Jan. 15, 2014

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