Accidental and unintentional injuries happen every day in Missouri and around the country to different people, but when something happens deliberately, consequences from some of these wrongdoings can be much more serious and long-term.

A local Missouri man died after a co-worker allegedly hit him with a truck in Pennsylvania. The accident happened one night when a motel security guard told local police that he saw the Missouri man and two other men acting intoxicated as they got in to a truck. The guard tried to stop them, but they drove off.

The Missouri man was identified as the one driving the truck. Another man, who was in the back seat reported to police that the Missouri man and the front seat passenger were arguing about who should be driving. The group later stopped at a local fast-food restaurant when the Missouri man got out of the truck. The front seat passenger then got behind the wheel. The Missouri man asked the passenger if he was going to hit him with the truck. A witness told police that the man accelerated the truck and hit him. The driver was reported to have gotten out of the truck to check on the Missouri man and when he saw he was gravely injured, got back into the truck and drove away.

Police later arrested the driver in his hotel room. The driver was brought up on a series of felony charges, including aggravated assault by a vehicle while driving while intoxicated. He was jailed in the local correctional facility for absence of $50,000 bail. The brother of the man who was killed explained to police that the men were in Pennsylvania working on a construction job.

A hit and run driver, if apprehended and arrested, could face serious criminal penalties, as illustrated in this case. Leaving the scene of an accident is considered a crime in Pennsylvania as well as Missouri. Police and detectives have many ways to locate errant drivers who have committed a hit and run violation.

Source: newstribune.com, “Fulton man hit, killed by vehicle” Don Norfleet, Sep. 11, 2013