After months of winter weather, many Kansas City residents are probably eager to enjoy the warmth brought by the spring and summer. Not only will people be able to shed some layers, but outdoor recreation will also become a lot more comfortable. Namely, motorcycle riders will be able to hit the road without concerns about cold temperatures, snow or ice.

Although warming temperatures might be putting concerns about winter conditions to rest, motorcyclists and drivers alike should take time to think about safety. After months without having to worry about seeing bikers, drivers may suddenly have to be on alert. Motorcyclists should keep in mind that drivers may not be looking out for them.

These seasonal safety concerns call to mind an article we published about the growing number of fatal motorcycle accidents in the United States. According to a study released by the Governors Highway Safety Association, motorcycle fatalities increased by 9 percent between 2011 and 2012. This shocking year-over-year increase was part of a larger trend that emerged over the course of 15 years.

The article also discusses potential explanations for the startling jump in motorcycle-related fatalities. On a very basic level, increasing numbers of bikers on the road has probably influenced the number of accidents. The researchers believe that more people are buying and using motorcycles due to an improving economy and rising gas prices.

Even now, gas prices remain high. Knowing this, people may still be inclined to ride their motorcycle as opposed to their less-efficient vehicles. The unfortunately reality is that motorcyclists can only do so much to protect themselves against accidents. Even if a biker follows all the rules of the road, other motorists might fail to drive with adequate caution. When this happens, motorcyclists are put at risk of becoming involved in an accident and suffering catastrophic injuries.

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