A deadly accident the day after Christmas has devastated a Missouri family, leaving two young women dead and putting a third in intensive care. The crash occurred in Pineville, Missouri, as the family was driving in their van on U.S. 71.

The victims’ vehicle was hit by a Dodge Ram that changed lanes in front of another truck as both were traveling north. That truck struck the Ram from behind, knocking it into the southbound lanes and into the driver’s side of the van. The impact caused the van to flip over. Two sisters in the van were declared dead on the scene. They were 16 and 20 years old. Their 18-year-old sister was hospitalized, but according to her family, she is doing better. An aunt says that she has been taken out of intensive care and is no longer on a ventilator. Several other people involved in the accident were also hospitalized.

Neither of the drivers involved in the initial rear-end accident between the trucks sustained injuries that required hospitalization. It was not reported whether either of them is facing criminal charges. The driver of the Dodge Ram is just 19 years old.

When the investigation of the accident is completed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the family will have more information that will help them decide whether to pursue any type of civil action against either or both drivers. While no amount of money can make a family whole again, it can help them get through this tragedy without having to worry about the medical and burial costs on top of everything else.

Source: 5 News, “Funeral Set For Bentonville Sisters Killed In Rollover Crash” Shain Bergan, Dec. 31, 2013

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