An accident between a truck and a semi truck in a town just outside of Kansas City left one driver injured and needing hospitalization. An airlift was needed to get the injured person to the hospital. Apparently the wreck occurred when the semi truck was trying to make a turn, and the driver of the truck plowed his vehicle into the back of the semi. Few other details were made public as the police continue to investigate the crash.

All you need to see to know how devastating accidents with large semi trucks can be is to look at the lead image in our source article. The devastation to the smaller truck is incredible. Thankfully the driver of that vehicle survived.

Even though it appears that the semi truck wasn’t at fault in this accident, there are plenty of other examples where a truck driver or truck company acted in a negligent fashion — and this negligence directly led to a serious motor vehicle accident that left people injured, or worse.

Sometimes, truck drivers operate their vehicle when they are tired or fatigued. They may even operate their vehicle in direct violation of the rest laws that they are supposed to obey for the safety of everyone on the road. In other cases, truck companies fail to properly load a truck’s cargo or they manipulate drivers’ logs to make it appear as though they are in accordance with rest laws.

Negligence in the trucking industry isn’t a given, but it has happened and likely will continue to happen. The parties who are negatively affected by such negligence should consider their legal options.

Source: Kansas First News, “Accident slows traffic south of Holton,” Brian Dulle, Sept. 24, 2014

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