Last week, we discussed the tragic truck accident involving actor-comedian Tracy Morgan and several others. The fatal wreck, which claimed the life of a veteran comedian, resulted when a tractor-trailer failed to brake for slowed traffic and collided with a limo bus.

After the accident, it was reported that the driver had not slept in more than 24 hours. The incident has received a lot of media attention because of the high-profile comedians who were involved, but accidents like this are all too common in Missouri and the rest of the country.

While our modern-day vehicles are equipped to keep passengers safe in many types of collisions, this simply isn’t possible in most accidents with tractor trailers because of their huge size. Unfortunately, collisions involving tractor trailers are often catastrophic and life-changing.

But what is perhaps most frustrating is that many trucking accidents are preventable. Driver fatigue, inattentiveness, improper training and impaired driving are all common factors that attribute to trucking accidents caused by negligent drivers.

Our firm helps victims of trucking accidents hold truckers and their employers responsible for the damage and destruction that they have caused.

While a lawsuit can never take away the pain that results from a serious trucking accident, it can help provide victims with a sense of justice and compensation for their losses. It also sends a message to truckers and trucking companies that negligent driving will not be tolerated.

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