An astonishing motor vehicle accident shows just how important cargo can be in a truck accident. In this specific case, the cargo being carried by a large truck was actually military-grade explosives. As a result, the highway was (understandably) shut down for an extended period so that crews could sort out the dangerous scene.

The wreck involved a truck and another vehicle, and one person was severely injured in the wreck. Thankfully, though, no explosives went off and the surrounding area is okay.

But this wreck brings an important element about truck accidents to the forefront: namely, that the cargo a truck carries can play a huge role in a crash. First of all, the cargo could fall off the back of the truck, causing havoc along a road or highway. In such a case, numerous parties could be held liable for the fallen cargo, such as the driver for failing to ensure it was properly secured, and of course the truck company for being in charge of the operation.

The cargo a truck carries can also cause a truck accident. Allow us to explain how: in many cases, the cargo a truck is carrying is very heavy. If this cargo is too heavy, or if too much of it is put on a truck, or if it is improperly loaded (i.e. unbalanced), then the truck could be uncontrollable and an accident may occur.

Cargo is a hugely important factor in truck accidents, and anyone injured in a truck accident needs to remember about this element if they are considering legal action.

Source: TEXOMA, “Truck Carrying Military Explosives Crashes; Severely Injures One,” Jan. 7, 2015

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