Imagine you are driving on the highway and you want to change lanes. As you flick your blinker on, you take a glance at your mirrors to make your move. You just assume things are clear and don’t look over your shoulder — and this turns out to be a life changing decision. A motorcycle is in your blind spot, and as you merge into your new lane, you strike the motorcyclist.

What we’ve just described is how many motorcycle accidents happen, even though most people probably immediately think that the motorcyclist is somehow at fault for a wreck when they hear the phrase “motorcycle accident.” Motorcyclists aren’t inherently reckless or dangerous. They are people, just like you and me — and when they are involved in an accident, they are at a vastly increased risk of suffering major injuries.

Motorcyclists often suffer catastrophic or even fatal injuries, such as devastating abrasions, broken bones, neck and spinal injuries, and head and brain injuries. Any or all of these injuries have a high likelihood of changing a person’s life forever, or claiming it altogether.

If you are a motorcyclist in the Kansas City area and you have been victimized in an accident by another driver, then you have to consider your legal options. You could be entitled to some compensation via a personal injury lawsuit, and we at Adler & Manson could help you achieve the outcome you deserve in that lawsuit. We have extensive experience handling motorcycle accident cases, and we will do everything we can to make sure you get the justice you crave.

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