Accidental and unintentional injuries happen every day in Missouri, but the consequences from some of these mishaps can be much more serious and long-term. Bodily injuries are unfortunately a fact of life in the wake of serious automobile accidents. Many collisions in Missouri are caused by driver carelessness and recklessness, including speeding and inattentiveness. Speeding is an egregious threat because not only does it reduce the amount of time necessary to avoid a crash, it also increases the risk of crashing and makes the accident more severe if it does happen. Slowing down and obeying posted speed limits can go far toward making the roads safer.

Lane changes can be dangerous, even fatal as well, if you don’t notice what is around you. It is very important to check your blind spots and all around your vehicle before making a lane change, or you could find yourself in a car accident, sideswiping another car, or worse.

A new law intended to protect police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel was enacted in Missouri recently. This new highway legislation creates an offense of putting an emergency responder in danger.

Infractions for speeding or passing within an emergency zone when responders are present would carry a $250 fine, on top of any existing penalties. The violations would include speeding by at least 15 mph, using a lane not marked for motorists, and passing within an emergency zone. Fines will range from up to $1,000 if no one is hurt to $10,000 if a responder is killed.

Some of the most serious traffic accidents are collisions caused by speeding drivers and drivers making unsafe passes on multi-lane highways. These drivers take unreasonable risks, driving negligently, carelessly, and recklessly. Should it be found that a car accident could have been prevented if the proper precautions had been taken, the injured individual may want to consider contacting an experienced personal injury attorney to determine whether they have a car accident case.

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