You’re driving down the highway like you’ve done thousands of times before, and a truck drives up alongside you in the lane next to you. Again, this has happened thousands of times without incident, so you think nothing of it. But all of a sudden, the truck starts swerving into your lane and soon enough, the truck makes contact with your vehicle. As a result, a major accident occurs and you will spend the next month recovering from the injuries you sustained.

In the weeks that follow, an investigation finds that the driver was drowsy while operating his or her truck, and that he or she (and possibly the company) violated federal rest laws that are meant to help drivers avoid getting on the road with less than optimal sleep or rest.

Now you’re not only in pain and suffering from the injuries you sustained — you’re also upset because the accident you were involved in was completely avoidable, and possibly illegal. You immediately consult an attorney to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the driver and the truck company.

It’s unfortunate, but this happens all the time across the country. People are hurt by reckless truck drivers and negligent truck companies, and they must seek legal redemption to help them recover not just physically, but mentally and financially as well.

Let us at Adler & Manson help you on that road to recovery. We have extensive experience handling truck accident cases, and we can help you put together your personal injury case.

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