Distracted driving has become synonymous with using your cellphone while driving nowadays. But the fact of the matter is that there a lot of different distractions and distracting behaviors out there that can limit a driver’s ability to focus on the road and operate their vehicle safely. Cellphone use is obviously a major one in today’s society, but it is only one. There are many other ways a driver becomes distracted.

When a driver looks down at his or her radio to switch the channel. When a driver has a conversation with his or her friend in the backseat. When a driver gets lost in thought while looking out at the horizon. When a driver looks away from the road because of a funny billboard. When a driver eats their fast food while driving down the highway.

All of those actions constitute distracted driving, and there are many others. Eliminating distracted driving is a futile effort. There will always be things out there that draw the attention of drivers, and their focus won’t be on the road as a result. We all need to do the best we can to keep our focus on the road — and the road only.

Distracted driving ruins lives. People can be seriously injured or killed by a driver that isn’t paying attention to what he or she is supposed to be paying attention to. Whenever a person drives distracted and causes an accident, and their distraction can be proven, the victims of that accident should strongly consider legal action to help them recover from the unfortunate accident.

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