A tragic car accident in Kansas City claimed two lives earlier this month, and it appears that the accident was caused due to some severe negligence. Two vehicles were involved, but one fled the scene — and yet it appears that both of the vehicles were involved in street racing.

Little else is know about the wreck right now, but if the street racing allegation is true, there could be some very severe consequences for the driver who fled the scene.

Hit and run accidents are always so upsetting, even for those who weren’t even involved in the wreck. There’s a feeling of emptiness about a hit and run accident. The fleeing driver is depriving the victims of justice, at least for the time being.

Maybe most critically though, the fleeing driver is depriving the victims of timely medical care and aid in the moments immediately following the wreck. Even if the individual isn’t a medical professional, they can still call 911 and provide assistance as directed. A fleeing driver doesn’t afford this chance to an accident victim.

Hit and run accidents happen all the time, sadly. As upsetting as these accidents can be, the victims of such wrecks need to proceed appropriately in the wake of these accidents so that they can achieve the justice they deserve.

A personal injury lawsuit can earn them this justice, but nothing is guaranteed. You need to be organized and prepared, and you need to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney on your side to protect your rights and fight for your cause.

Source: KSHB 41, “2 dead in car crash in downtown Kansas City,” Jon Rehagen, May 2, 2015

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