Some may believe the roads are becoming either much more safe or far more dangerous. Those who advocate the roads are safer may cite that car accidents have been declining for years, and there are constant safety campaigns to remind people of how to safely operate their cars (i.e. Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

Those who believe the roads are becoming more dangerous may cite the increased number of distractions for drivers that have come from smartphones and technology. The sheer number of car accidents that occur every year is still very high even though the aforementioned car accident rates have been declining. But now, a new study reveals that drivers are far less safe out on the road even if they are aware that dangers are real and present.

All of the numbers and figures are in our source article, but in general the lesson is this: people are aware that there are dangers out on the road, and yet they don’t necessarily do everything they can to avoid those dangers. For example, people know that running a red light is dangerous — and yet plenty of people still push it to try to make that yellow (and, in turn, miss it).

The same can be said about texting while driving. People are quite aware at this point that texting while driving is incredibly dangerous. And yet plenty of people do it on a daily basis.

Please, be safe out there everyone. There is no reason to perform dangerous acts while behind the wheel of a powerful machine that can do great harm when handled irresponsibly.

Source: Kansas City Star, “Motorists taking more risks behind the wheel, AAA survey finds,” Lewis Diuguid, May 8, 2015

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