Semi-truck accidents are often inherently very dangerous and devastating. Trucks are larger and more powerful vehicles than all other automobiles. When they are involved in a wreck, it is very likely that serious and potentially fatal injuries may occur.

Many do not understand the numerous causes and factors that may go into determining liability in a truck accident. These elements can be complex, but when understood correctly can allow the victims of the accident to seek justice and receive the compensation they deserve.

In some truck accidents, the truck driver is at the center of the discussion. Was the driver too tired to operate his or her vehicle? How much sleep did the driver get since his or her last shift? What about the training the driver received? Was it enough? Did he or she perform well during the training? Was the driver operating the vehicle in an unsafe way (i.e. speeding or making reckless decisions)?

In other accidents, the truck itself comes into question? Was the truck functioning well prior to the wreck? Was it up to date on maintenance checks? Were there prior technical or mechanical issues? Was the truck overloaded or improperly loaded?

And then, of course, there is the truck company itself. Did the company know about a driver’s unsafe past? Did the company keep up with maintenance records and sleep logs for their trucks and drivers? What about their own safety policies and protocols?

Any of these factors, even multiple factors, could be involved in a truck accident, and the victims of that wreck need experienced legal representation to help them earn the justice they deserve.

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