When a car accident occurs, there are many different injuries that can be sustained by the people in the vehicles involved in the wreck. Bones can be broken, permanent scars can be left behind, and there are plenty of even more devastating issues that can take place. Emotional trauma, brain or spinal injuries, and injuries to the torso or chest can all leave potentially permanent afflictions to individuals involved in an accident.

But there are two other important factors to consider when you are injured in an accident. The first is that the investigation into the wreck is crucial. The police will do their own work, and this could take more time than you may think. Be patient, and while the investigation is underway, consult with an attorney to help you investigate the wreck too.

The other critical factor is to always accept the medical care that is offered to you after a car accident. It is very easy to try to be “tough” and suffer through the pain or the injury on your own terms. But this is almost never for the better. Accepting that care will get you on the road to recovery, and you will come back quicker than if you reject that care. In addition, accepting the care leaves a medical record of your injuries — and that can be critical should a lawsuit come about.

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