As reported by The Kansas City Star, “Big rig crashes kill nearly 4,000 American each year and injury more than 85,000. Since 2009, fatalities involving large trucks have increased 17 percent. Injuries have gone up 28 percent.”

Given these realities, one would think that the trucking industry would want to emphasize its safety record by providing transparency to the public. Unfortunately, one would be wrong.

Don’t Worry. You Can Trust Us. We’re The Trucking Industry!

Instead, the trucking industry, including delivery companies such as FedEx and UPS, would prefer that you not know their safety ratings. To achieve that goal, the industry is currently lobbying for a number of laws that would allow it to conduct its business with relaxed legal requirements. According to the Kansas City Star, one of these relaxed laws would allow the industry to “remove safety ratings of trucking companies from the Internet, where they are now available for public inspection.”

Injured In A Trucking Accident? Your Rights Are At Risk.

The trucking industry’s current lobbying press to avoid safety laws only reminds us of what we remind injured people of every day: the people who have injured you are not here to help you.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you want someone in your corner who commits themselves entirely to you and to you alone. To get the answers you need, contact our law firm.

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