Here in the Kansas City area, we are all currently aware of how important it is to get the time you need to recover from a work-related injury. Just ask Alex Gordon of the Kansas City Royals.

Gordon suffered a serious injury and missed much of the season. He is now back in the lineup and performing at a high level for the Royals. His employer recognized the benefits of having him take the time he needed in order to heal properly.

This general principle is no different when considering your medical needs after a serious work injury. The workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect your right to receive the medical care and rest you need to heal.

Unfortunately, not all employers are as forward thinking as the 2014 American League Champions. For that reason, you need to understand your rights to determine whether those rights are indeed being observed by your employer. The right lawyer can help you in that regard.

An experienced and skilled workers’ compensation attorney also will help you pursue the fair and just financial recovery allowed for you under the law. It is not unusual for employers or insurance companies to understate your right to financial compensation.

Even if your employer or its insurance company has already explained your rights to you, it is still important for you to seek legal advice to confirm that you have been advised correctly and explained all of your rights and areas for which you are entitled to compensation. The workers’ compensation attorney in your corner is committed, not to the insurance company, but to your best interests.

To ensure that you are not being hurried back to work before you are ready and that you are indeed receiving the maximum compensation allowed to you under the law, consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the medical attention your work injury requires, make sure your employer’s insurance company pays for all necessary medical treatment and also pays you the compensation you are entitled to so that you have funds that be used to pay living expenses.