A woman riding a horse in Kansas City, Missouri was injured in a hit-and-run accident at night approximately a block away from her home. At the time, she was accompanied by her husband, who was also riding a horse. Their home is close to 63rd Street on Blue Parkway. She suffered a concussion as a result of the force of the impact.

Her husband said that the car first sideswiped him and the horse he was riding before hitting his wife and her horse from behind. Her horse was killed in the collision, and the driver did not stop, but instead drove off. Luckily for the woman, another motorist stopped right after the accident to provide assistance.

The husband returned to the scene of the accident the following day and managed to retrieve portions of the wrecked car. One piece had the vehicle identification number on it, which could help to identify the vehicle owner and possibly the driver. Police are also still investigating the accident and could bring criminal charges once it is determined who the driver was.

When that is determined, the couple could also pursue a personal injury lawsuit, as well as seeking recovery for the death of one horse and any injuries suffered by the horse the husband was riding. Pursuing claims against hit-and-run drivers is particularly important, not only from the perspective of getting compensation for the immediate victims, although that is very important. It is also vital that the message gets clearly sent that hitting someone with a car and not having the common decency to stop, possibly leaving an injured person to suffer or die, is something that simply won’t be tolerated.

Source: Fox4KC.com, “Horseback rider left for dead after being hit by car” Charly Arnoit, Sep. 25, 2013