Hit and run accidents are traumatic and unfortunate events that leave the victim in a lot of pain or, worse still, kill the victim. This is all compounded by the cowardly act of the likely-at-fault driver who then flees the scene, leaving the victim without the possibility, at least initially, to get the justice they deserve.

It’s important for the victim to remember that even as that car speeds away from your accident scene — and with it, seemingly, your hope of ever getting that justice — that you need to remain calm. There is still a good chance that the hit and run driver will be caught, and that you will still have the opportunity to hold him or her accountable for what they have done.

Also, like we talked about in a recent post, remember that there are some little, but important, steps that you can take immediately after the crash to help the police and investigators track down the hit and run driver. Take photos of the scene, write down any details you remember so you don’t forget them later, and talk with any witnesses of the accident to gather information about what they saw as well.

Of course, if you are looking to take the hit and run driver to court for their negligence, then you will need to consult with a personal injury attorney. If you live in Kansas City, give Adler & Manson a call. They have extensive experience handling many types of car accidents, including hit and run accidents.

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